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New York Stationery Stores

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Kinokuniya Bookstore New York

1073 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10018


This store is AMAZING! One of my followers on Instagram (@veronicaletters) suggested I stop by this shop and I am so glad I did. The first floor is a bookstore with a great selection but the real magic begins when you head downstairs. The bottom floor is split between a massive assortment of Japanese stationery and supplies and Japanese books and manga. I was in awe. The photos above aren't even every aisle they have. If you're in New York you must check it out! Below are some photos of what I picked up while I was there.

The two pens on the top left are Kuretake Fudegokochi brush pens. I am obsessed with them and I love them even more than the Fudeonosuke brush pens. Since Kunokuniya doesn't have an online shop you can always purchase the Fudegokochi pens here.

I had to pick up that correction tape right next to the Fudegokochi because it was so tiny and perfect for the pencil case that I keep in my purse!

The two white gel pens are a Sarasa Clip 0.5mm and Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 that you can purchase here and here.These are my favorite white gel pens right now!

I was so excited to find Animal Crossing stickers! Animal Crossing is a beloved video game franchise and it's almost impossible to find any merch. here in the US. That is what that rectangular pad is.

The clear (and empty) sleeve right above the sticker pad had a monthly Traveler's Notebook insert! I only have one shop that sells Traveler's Notebook merchandise here in Colorado so I was excited to pick up this insert while I was in New York! If you're curious about the Traveler's Notebook you can find a great resource here.

I have been saving the best for last! The empty rainbow bags along the bottom of the photo housed the refills for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen. The five pens in the center of the photo were empty and you can choose what refills you purchase and place inside! You can totally customize your pen! You can find all of this here. Jet Pens has a massive array of multi pens! I love the idea of having high quality gel pens in such a compact space!

MUJI Times Square

The New York Times Building 620 8th Avenue (40th st.) New York, NY 10018


I also visited the Muji store in Times Square (It was right across from our first hotel) many times! I loved it so much. I had admired so many of their stationery products online for so long. Their section was small but lacked full of stuff! Below is the small haul I brought home with me! Sorry I only remembered to take a pic of one side of their stationery isle. (>﹏<)

My favorite items were the sketchbooks! The paper is so buttery smooth and perfect for markers! They fit in my purse perfectly, I'm so glad I can order more in their online shop in the future!

CW Pencil Enterprise

15 Orchard St

New York, NY 10002


This place is amazing! They offer such a wide variety of pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc. in such a small shop. They even have a cute section with stickers! I fell in love with the wonderful displays of vintage pencil packaging. I really wish I could shop here all the time!

My haul above was give to me in such cute packaging! I love that they take the time to package your purchase with care. This is what I purchased:

2nd photo:

Caran d'Ache Colorblock Pencil, Metallic Gold

Caran d'Ache Colorblock Pencil, Metallic Scarlet Red

Caran d'Ache Bicolor

Japanese Pencil, Gold

Milan Fluo Graphite Pencil

3rd photo:

Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Perfect Pencil

Kutsuwa HiLiNE Highlighter Pencil, Yellow

4th photo:

Rainbow Pencils by Duncan Shotton, 3 pk

Tombow MONO Smart Plastic Eraser

FaultlessPencil Clip - Nickel and Gold, on the Caran d'Ache Bicolor

Travel Stickers

I wish I could've purchased more! So many amazing finds.

I hope you enjoyed my hauls! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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